• Half work, Half fun

    A proper time allocation can help workers?to deploy?the proportion of work and spare time more reasonably. Leto is not only committed to training team members' business skills, but also often organizes outdoor activities. After the cold winter, the spring is back. To fee...
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  • Customer First, Create Enterprise Value

    In 2007,a few persons, who are filled with enthusiasm and creation, owned half of a room at Yiwu International Trade City, sharing the space with another store. And then they started business, collected talents and worked together. They began the business from hardware ...
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  • When choosing a sink, which details should be paid attention to?

    When buying a sink, what do you care about? Material, style, size. Normally everyone basically only care about these points. But there are still some other important points that have been ignored by everyone, causing many problems ...
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